The consequences of the strange things you find – a sequel

In my last post I discussed the bizarre things it was possible to find as an intrepid antiques dealer.  It is really strange how these things have a life of their own.

I always stand at Stafford Bingley Hall and in my new position at Stand 95, I found trade to be excellent.  This may have been because I had some truly exceptional pieces of planished arts and crafts silver, but I also think the footfall was greater in this area.  Interestingly, a number of people asked if this was my first time there, though I did say I had just moved position.  The public liked what I had, bought some of it and many siad they liked how I did business, especially the insurance valuation.

Anyway, I digress.  Scroll ahead to the Sunday and I have a visit from her holiness Pip, (for those of you in the know) and THE stand organiser and allocatress for the NEC Antiques for Everyone.  She pauses in front of my stand, absolutely loves the unusual red and green serpentine priest’s travelling font and requests I get it on the NEC website.  I promise I will.

Another slight shift in time.  A lovely couple stop and ask questions about the font, they depart, return again and really want to buy it.  What do I do?  I explain I am in a difficult position, and say would it be possible for them to buy it at the NEC, outline the circumstances and they are delighted to do so.  They fell in love with it because they walk on the Lizard and that is the only place you can get serpentine. Indeed they are rather pleased their item will be seen by many.

And a real fillip for myself and my business too.